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Welcome to Nym Test & Earn

Nym is building privacy into the network layer of the internet. With surveillance now powered by Machine Learning algorithms, privacy protections need to keep pace - no previous solutions protect against large scale traffic and metadata analysis!

You can contribute to making privacy the default for everyone by helping us test the mixnet and have the chance to earn NYM tokens.


Prize pool: up to 40K $NYM total

21st - 31st of December 2022

All you need is a computer to run NymConnect!

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download and install NymConnect
  • Connect Telegram to NymConnect. Check this video on how to do so.
  • Click on Test & Earn
  • Follow the instructions in the pop up window. There will be a simple 2min task every day until the 31st of December. Complete the daily task to increase your chances to win!
  • Post your answer for each task on Twitter with #PrivacyLovesCompany or Telegram and include your reference number.

Here is how winners are selected:

The most creative posts will earn NYM tokens, with additional rewards distributed to a random selection. We need a lot of people to stress test the system, because #PrivacyLovesCompany - so the more people join, the bigger the prize pool!

  • 1-5k contributors:
    • top 5 get 1000 NYMs
    • ten randomly selected submissions get 200 NYMs
  • 5-10k contributors:
    • top 5 get 2000 NYMs
    • twenty randomly selected submissions get 300NYMs
  • 10k and more:
    • top 5 submissions get 5000 NYMs (with space for a bonus if we get outstanding submissions)
    • thirty randomly selected submissions get 500NYMs

Contributors will receive their tokens in January 2023, following KYC (regional exclusions apply, see below for more details).

What happen in the background:

As a first step towards generalised network layer privacy, Nym has launched NymConnect, a Beta app to stress test the Nym mixnet - a powerful, global mixnet run by a community of operators across the world.

When you open NymConnect and select that you want to participate, this opens a proxy to a site that can only be accessed via NymConnect over the Nym mixnet. This helps send traffic through the mixnet and allows us to stress-test the network to see how much load it can handle and where we can optimise. The proxy site then sends you back a task that is only visible to people using the mixnet, so that you can prove that you have actually used NymConnect.

Thank you for being part of the Nym community and making the new internet a free and dignified place for us all.


The Nym Network is powered by the NYM Token, a utility token that is used to access and operate the Nym mixnet. NYM should only be used within the Nym mixnet. NYM is not a general purpose payment mechanism, an investment asset, or a cryptocurrency.

Test & Earn participation and rewards are only available to individuals who do not reside in locations that makes them ineligible to participate or receive prizes, including the United States, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Russia, the Crimea region of Ukraine, the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic. Nym may request that participants provide relevant information as necessary, and can only process rewards once cleared by the Nym compliance team.

For any questions or support, please join our Discord.