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NymConnect is an easy to use one-button interface that allows you to use your everyday applications over the Nym mixnet for privacy protection! Nym mixnet hides your IP address or other unique identifiers from your internet packets so snoopers on the internet can not see what applications you are using. Install NymConnect and select an application that you want to privacy-enhance from the dropdown menu. For now, NymConnect can be used with Electrum Wallet, Keybase and desktop Telegram. Configure these to run over SOCKS5 proxy and send their data through the Nym mixnet! (Read on for step by step instructions)

NymConnect is experimental software. It will likely be buggy (please do provide feedback and bug reports) and should not be relied on for strong anonymity (yet).

NOTE the feedback form is hosted and processed by a Discord bot. Please join our Discord server in order to provide feedback, and to receive the latest updates about Shipyard first hand from our team! (Alternatively, join Nym Keybase).

Try NymConnect

  • Download and install NymConnect.
  • Select your service provider from the dropdown menu.
  • Click connect - NymConnect will connect to a service provider and its SOCKS Proxy (IP) and Port will be displayed.
  • Click on IP or Port to copy their values to the clipboard.
  • Go to your app /Electrum wallet / Keybase / Telegram, in the settings select running via SOCKS5 proxy and paste the IP and Port values given by NymConnect.
  • Your traffic from that application will now run through the mixnet for privacy and un-linkability.

The Nym mixnet provides several layers of encryption and routes your traffic through three hops so that your communications are untraceable online. Gateways and network requester pairs make the Nym mixnet accessible and usable for applications. The gateway provides the entry point and the network requester holds the whitelisted applications and ensures that it is accessed in a privacy preserving manner. Read moreā€¦

Want to see more applications running via NymConnect?

Apply for a Service Grant and to set up a gateway and network requester pair for your app of choice!

We are especially keen on people running gateway and network requester pairs to privacy-enhance Telegram as it is a widely used chat app in the community.