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Developer Grants

The Shipyard Developer Grant Scheme aims to support developers with grants for a variety of projects, making it easy for people with coded proof of concepts or ideas to be rewarded. Joining this scheme will be a fantastic opportunity to inspire, showcase your big ideas and transform your long-term visions into reality with our full support.

The value of Nym is realised through its user-facing applications. For this reason, we want to support a thriving developer community and make it as easy and rewarding as possible to build privacy-enhanced applications (PEApps).

The Nym mixnet offers network layer privacy and is an agnostic application privacy layer across web2 and web3. This provides plenty of opportunities to build for a broad range of developers - blockchain devs, traditional web2 privacy devs and FOSS devs.

Grant open calls

Within our first round of the Developer Grants Scheme, there are two open calls available, each with a different size of grant. This is just the start and we will build to larger calls in the future.

  • Vinge Grant
    • Offering support up to $3K worth of NYM.
    • For applicants that have an idea of a project that they would like to bring to life with a proof-of-concept.
    • Opportunity to start building out your idea.
  • Brier Grant
    • Offering support from $3K - $10K worth of NYM.
    • For applicants with integration-specific projects. Examples of these could be wallets or chat applications but we are open to wildcard applications.
    • Opportunity to integrate Nym into an existing application.

Up to 5 Vinge and 3 Brier grants will be selected in the first round.

Support offering

The scheme will see the Nym core team offer support in a few areas to advance your ideas to market including:

  • Financial support
  • Dev support
  • Marketing support
  • Project support


Applications have now closed. Successful applicants will be notified by 15 December.

Service Grants

The Nym mixnet provides a privacy layer for any application or wallet. For apps to be usable on the Nym mixnet, the system needs gateways and network requesters. Gateways are the first hop into the mixnet, and Network Requesters are the hop out that takes the user to an app.

Service Grants are for infrastructure wizards who want to run gateways and network requesters for apps that already work with Nym, like the Nym wallet, Electrum wallet, Keybase and Telegram.

What is required?

The Nym mixnet is a privacy system. This means there is very little information available about how the system is used - by design! However, in order to properly parameterize the system, we need to gauge how certain components like gateways behave when there is a lot of traffic. When you apply for a Service Grant, you are committing to run a gateway and a network requester over 6 months. This node pair should be run with a special flag, and will be collecting usage numbers and amount of traffic directed towards a particular application. There is no other data gathered - this is a privacy system so we simply don’t have it!).

The network requester will have a single application in its whitelist. This means that the requester will only allow outbound requests to that domain - whether the Nym Wallet, Electrum, Keybase, Telegram or other.

New binaries and instructions for the gateways and Network requesters eligible for Service Grants will be released shortly… in the meantime, get your application in!

How to apply?

The application process is a simple pull request against the grants repository. Go here to clone and create a PR, filling out the template in the service_grants directory.

Then wait to get a response from Nym Developer Relations who will contact you from the email address.

Grant amounts and deadlines

Gateway+Service Provider grantAmount grantedDeadline to applyFirst payment
Nym Wallet gateway+network requester$100 per month over 6 months (USDC/BTC)26th of July15th of August
Electrum gateway+network requester$100 per month over 6 months (USDC/BTC)26th of July15th of August
Keybase gateway+network requester$100 per month over 6 months (USDC/BTC)26th of July15th of August
Telegram gateway+network requester$100 per month over 6 months (USDC/BTC)26th of July15th of August
Service providers Pitch to run one for your favourite app or walletUp to $3000. (More if really ambitious!) (USDC/BTC)Rolling deadline1st of Sept. for first round.

These first grants are essential for Nym to start being usable to a broader set of people, and for the Nym core team to stress test and optimise the mixnet.

Note in order to get payment you actually need to get the code up and running for your app of choice by the 15th of August payment deadline. To get full monthly payment per month you need to have 100% uptime and decent performance.

The Nym network has reserved a limited budget for apps, so funding will come to whoever sets up apps first if there is an overload of applications - so apply early and get that code running! Join to be among the first to provide mass access to network level privacy.

Join to be among the first to provide mass access to network level privacy!

Apply now Applications for this round are now closed.