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Nym is a mixnet that protects privacy at the network layer of the internet.

It is one of the only privacy systems that effectively obscures IP addresses, metadata and patterns of communication.

One of the ways Nym achieves this is by being decentralised - operated, sustained and supported by people all over the world. Which means you!

Registrations for Shipyard Academy are now closed.

Stage 1 - "Nymster" has begun!

Throughout stage 1, materials, information and hints are shared on different Nym socials. Every Saturday, there will be a quiz to test what you have learned. The first thing to do is to introduce yourself in the Academy Discord channel and keep an eye out for information drops.

End of stage 1, the leaders on the leaderboard will earn a prize and progress to the next stage.

Please read on for information on the key dates and other stages of the programme.

Why join?

Learn, earn and contribute

Shipyard Academy will take you through what you need to know to go from Nymster to Nymja! You will learn and test your knowledge about surveillance, mixnets, network layer privacy, and cypherpunks, about privacy as a core principle of Web3, the privacy problems of many of today’s most popular apps as well as the Nym lore and more…

There is a max prize pool of 100K NYMs which will be distributed to top participants across three stages. Tests and tasks will become increasingly advanced at each stage. By the end of the six weeks you will be fully equipped to participate in and contribute to the Nym community and mission.

You will then have the opportunity to become a verified Nym ambassador, and play a key part in decentralising the project, working closely with the Core team to host meet-ups, contribute memes, making content, Beta-test privacy apps and infrastructure, learning and building.

Who can join?

The Academy is the first step for anyone new to Nym and the privacy space who wants to learn and have a structured way to grow and contribute in the community. Whether you are a creative, builder, tinkerer, thinker or communicator, you are all welcome. You must share our passion for making the Internet a place where we can freely communicate, without our private details being compromised and without fear of becoming a target.

Join the Nym community and help bring to life a truly decentralised planetary privacy system.

(Residents of the United States unfortunately cannot participate at this point. We have instituted policies to confirm payment disbursements are compliant with legally required sanctions and other restrictions. Depending on which country a Nymster resides, they may not be eligible to participate in our events and/or receive prize payments. We may request teams provide relevant information as necessary, and will process payments once cleared by our legal team.)

Key dates

28th Oct

Sign up!

5th Nov

Stage 1 (Nymster) Start

19th Nov

Stage 1 (Nymster) Complete

Stage 2 (Navigator) Start

3rd Dec

Stage 2 (Navigator) Submit results

Stage 3 (Sailmaker) Start

17th Dec

Nymja ambassadors Applications open!

What will I do?

And how much time will it take?

Shipyard Academy starts on the 5th of November and is divided into 3 stages: Nymster, Navigator and Sailmaker. Each will have a set of tasks, quizzes and tests that will get increasingly more difficult.

The tasks are not expected to take more than a couple of hours. Keep an eye on Nym socials channels for all the information you will need to be able to complete the weekly quizzes and progress to the next stages…

There is a total max reward pool of 100K NYM tokens that will be distributed to the winners of each stage. Graduates to the final 3rd stage can also win 80K NYM of delegated stake to their mix node if they set it up in an underrepresented area.

Stage 1 - Nymster

Learn the basics of the problems of privacy online, what a mixnet is and how the Nym infrastructure contributes to defeating surveillance capitalism!

Run time: 5th - 19th Nov


  • 1. Sign up, join our socials and say hello to the community!
  • 2. Invite a friend to the community channels
  • 3. Learn about the privacy problems of popular apps
  • 4. Learn about Nym, mixnets and how it all began…
  • 5. Retweet or share Nym content
  • 6. Take two quizzes and test your knowledge

Reward Pool

Stage 1 reward pool will be announced on the 5th of November. The amount will scale linearly throughout stage 1 as collective goals are achieved.

Collective goals

80% correct collective answers on the first quizz!

1500 NymConnect downloads

1000 NymConnect Daily Active Users

Stage 2 - Navigator

Now that you know the basics of safely navigating the digital seas of surveillance, it is time to help others navigate and share your new knowledge…

Sign up: 15th of Nov

Run time: 19th Nov - 3rd Dec

Tasks: will be revealed 15th of Nov

Stage 3 - Sailmaker

At this stage you will be ready to set your own sails on the topic of privacy and the Nym infrastructure. Contribute by making content that tells new stories about Nym and privacy that is relevant to your community. Bring the topic of privacy and Nym to new shores.

Sign up: 29th of Nov

Run time: 3rd - 17th of Dec

Tasks: will be revealed on 29th of Nov

Nymja ambassadors

Graduates of the final stage will be invited to apply to become "Nymjas" - a selected group of talented privacy enthusiasts that will help the ecosystem set sail! As a Nymja, you will be ready to run your own Nym community events and have access to continued support to grow that community through the Shipyard Grants program.

Future Nymjas will work closely with the Community Managers and core team to:

  • Organise meet-ups
  • Represent Nym at events
  • Localise and create original material about Nym in relation to local issues
  • Set up your own mix node (bonus points for regions where there are no mix nodes yet)