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Nym Shipyard

Welcome to Shipyard, the Beta space for Nym! Shipyard is a place to learn, build and test new Privacy Enhanced Applications (PEApps) in experimental mode.

Nymsters can learn in the Academy, apply for Service Grants, Dev Grants, build and test the strength of their privacy protections before sailing out into the world. Shipyard is for:

Nymsters who are keen to learn and test their knowledge about surveillance, mixnets, network layer privacy, and cypherpunks, about privacy as a core principle of Web3, the privacy problems of many of today’s most popular apps as well as the Nym lore and more… go from Nymster to Nymja and help grow the Nym community!

INFRASTRUCTURE WIZARDS who want to run gateways and network requesters to make the mixnet accessible for a broad set of applications and users. These are needed to make the mixnet broadly usable. Shipyard is giving Service Grants to set these up!Apply

DEVELOPERS who want to build PEApps in the Nym privacy stack and contribute to building out a vast ecosystem of usable tools where privacy is the default. Hear about the upcoming major grants program or chat directly with Nym Developer Relations:Sign UpJoin Discord dev channel

EARLY ADOPTER who are eager to take advantage of the privacy offered by Nym and are willing to try out experimental Beta software that cannot be fully relied on for strong anonymity (yet). Learn about and try new apps!Sign UpJoin Discord product channel

The Nym Shipyard will be steadily growing - watch this space for new application releases and grants announcements.

Open Grants

Service Grants